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cat et j1939 association blunder


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Jun 19, 2024
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Boerne,TX,United States,
I am encountering a cat et j1939 association mistake whereas attempting to interface to my 262D slip direct through a clone comm 3 without a seat saddle through the plant symptomatic harbour. The mistake message states that the ECM (Machine Control 226 **Fragmented**) is aiming to be overhauled on two information joins at the same time, with location on the CDL information connect but not on the J1939 information connect.

I have endeavored to alter inclinations with respect to the double information connect checkbox, but to no profit. Interestingly, I was able to associate to a friend's 2008 256C slide direct without any issues, in spite of both machines utilizing pins F/G on the symptomatic harbour side. All pins on the symptomatic harbour side show up indistinguishable, taking off me uncertain of the root cause of the error.

I am running 2019A cat et on Windows 10 and am considering potential issues such as a need of resistor on the comm 3 side, a defective comm 3, or the have to be make my claim seat tackle. If you have a better answer, please contact me in time. If there is no reply, please send an email to: Sales@obd2.ltd
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