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Troubleshooting PIWIS 3 for a 996


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Jun 19, 2024
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Boerne,TX,United States,
Troubleshooting PIWIS 3 for a 996

I tried searching but found nothing. I have a 2001 996.1 narrow body convertible. I installed PIWIS3, activated it, but am having some issues. Can someone tell me if I'm just dumb and missed a step, or if PIWIS is not set up correctly.

Preliminary info: There is no documentation on this Porsche so I don't know if it has been flashed. It has had a complete Fabspeed intake/exhaust upgrade. The CEL is on.

Problem: PIWIS 3 shows no errors or codes, nothing to indicate the CEL is on, which is driving me crazy. I'm sure it can connect, but it doesn't automatically detect, so I have to manually select 911/996, which I think is normal for a 2001.

I have the latest version and when I select 9x6_DME_ME7_8 from the overview menu and go to the fault log... I see nothing, just the control unit name and under the description "?" 10000". When I go back to the overview and select all control units and go to the error log... I see nothing, just the control unit name and the description "?" 10000" for each computer. I tried with an older version (38.XX I think...) and it's the same, just the ECU name is abbreviated - i.e. it just says DME instead of 9x6_DME_ME7_8.
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